How to pay for a flight in installments!

So, it's been a long time since I blogged on this site...but instead of doing the boring articles and what not, I'm just going to tell you what I found. Since I've been Travel blogging, I've looked high and low for the best rates and affordable places to go. Whether they were here, or out of the country... I wanted to help everyone find the best way to get there; as most Travel bloggers do. Upon my journey, I was able to find some relevant info on flights.  And I believe we ALL can benefit from it. 

I was informed about Airfordable through a friend, and I must is AMAZING!! This site makes traveling so much more affordable and is a travel agents dream come true. Airfordable is a site that lets you pay for your flight in installments! YES HUNNY! INSTALLMENTS!! No more "pay the whole flight" now business. It's quick, easy and super simple.

First thing first, you make a profile and tell them your name, destination, original city, the number of tickets and total for flight. Next, you upload a photo of the ticket and send it to Airfordable. From there, the site will give you payment arrangements and installments that are needed to finish your payment for your trip. It's that simple! 

So many people back away from a great travel opportunity because of the flight. Most of it is because they can not commit to paying the total at once. This is, by far..the best solution!! Check out Airfordable now at