Where to find International Flight Deals

One thing that gets me all the time is not being able to find affordable flights. We all know where to look for domestic flights, but what about International Flights? Well, look no further! Here are some affordable flight sites that you can go to for your next overseas destination.

1. Just Fly.com 

JustFly.cm happens to be one of the cheapest sites I've found for International Travel.  Other than flying during off-peak seasons,  Just Fly gives you some of the most affordable prices when traveling overseas. Don't believe me? Check them out and like them on Facebook.

2. Sky Scanner

Sky Scanner is another overlooked site. They can find you some of the cheapest alternatives for your next destination. Just understand that the currency is calculated on the site is not USD. However, when being redirected to a site, prices will show in the dollar amount. You can also download the Skyscanner app on your mobile device. I know someone who was able to book five tickets to Jamaica for less than $1000.

3. Onetravel.com  

One travel gives you so many options when looking into international flights. The greatest part is they only deal with top commercial flights. So you don't have to worry about smaller planes and extra fees. They even give you the option of adding in a hotel stay, car rentals, and multi-city tickets.

 This small list can definitely do you some good when booking your next trip. You'll be surprised how often you may start traveling with these prices.