Food: Ninjas in New York!!

 I went to Ninja New York around six months ago. It was dark and mysterious, and clearly, the people who have been there was excited and ready for the looks on their dates faces. Well, I was definitely in for a surprise! We got in the elevator and was greeted by a Ninja with a nunchuck! (Who scared the crap out of me) He gave us an option to be seated or take the ninja path (which looked creepy), so of course, we took the Ninja Path... smh. We finally make it to the top where we waited to be seated.

Let me be the first to tell you, this place looked amazing. The restaurant is set up like small houses. So you and your guest will be seated in your own private hut, or room. The craziest part is, these ninjas are EVERYWHERE! They walk around with knives; fire torches... like real life assassins! It's definitely an ongoing show! The best part of this restaurant is the food and presentation. From the "smokey gift box" edamame to the fire blazing ribs...and yes I mean REAL FIRE! The Ninja experience was one, if not the best restaurant I've been to. 

The food is also fantastic, from large sushi platters to artichoke dip. Ninja New York is a must go while in New York. For more information visit their website or follow them on Facebook.