Why Everyone should go to New Orleans!

For the most part, people decide to go to certain places for specific things. Most people stay at a Log Cabin to be one with nature; some even go to the islands to enjoy sandy beaches and clear waters. However, when people decide to go to a place like New Orleans, their plan is to go out and drink! Right? Maybe, but there are other reasons why everyone should visit.

New Orleans is a city full of fun and possibilities. For one, the city has an open container law, making it legal for people to drink in the streets (as long as it's in a plastic cup) The famous Bourbon Street will have you walking in and out of funky bars like Tropical Isle, Cats Meow, and Krazy Korner; to name a few. But when the booze is gone, and you sober up... what else is there left for you to do? New Orleans is the perfect place to explore and find some excitement while your there.

When going to New Orleans keep in mind that you have the whole New Orleans to discover! So don't just limit yourself to the French Quarter. The history of New Orleans is rich, so there are plenty of places you can explore. Most of the big tourist attractions are in the French Quarter. Jackson Square, the Garden District, Bourbon Street, Royal Street to name a few. But if you want to see more than just streets, monumental attractions, big time bars and signature drinks, New Orleans can expose some of its richest, delicate and creepy culture... if you let it. 

Ghost- New Orleans is known as one of the most haunted cities in the world. While visiting you can take a ghost tour and learn more about the haunted. Maybe see a ghost or two.

Bayou Tours- These tours are some of the best tours when wanting to see the swamps and the famous alligators that come with it. This experience is one of a lifetime.

Cemetery- Okay, okay I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING, BUT HEAR ME OUT! ONE of the best things about New Orleans is their location. With that being said, they have a fascinating way of burying their dead. Maybe creepy in the beginning, but it captures the culture of the city.

Steamboat Natchez- Take a tour around the Mississippi River on the Steamboat. You can listen to live Jazz music and reserve a space for lunch or dinner.

Food- One of the best things about New Orleans is the food, Places like Oceana Grill and Mother's Restaurant are some of the best places to find authentic Cajun style food. If you can not locate your way to these locations, there are many different selections you can choose from.

New Orleans is an experience within itself. This is definitely a place you must see with your own eyes. I promise you won't be disappointed.