"To plan or not to plan?"

The best part about going on vacation is getting there, the worst part is planning it. Flights, hotels,  activities to take part in,  soon all of that stuff begins to sound foreign. However, travel planning can be an adventure on its on. Sometimes stressful,  but also enjoyable.  So, right when you're close to thinking traveling is going to suck, here are some steps to help you get over the decision of planning.

YES, Money! Money is the root to…everything!! So how do you make your money fit your trip…? YOU DONT!! You have to make your TRIP meet your Money!! Set a budget. There is no need to “ball out of control” if your money isn’t long! So the best thing to do is find a place you want to visit, look up when is the best (meaning affordable) time to go there. No matter where you’re headed,  even Alaska has an offseason. When there is an off season, the prices are lower. So, remember when you're freezing your buns off in the north, the Caribbean is going to be expensive!

Now, once you’ve picked a place, it’s time to focus on a few things. The first is focusing on where you want to be. Do research on your destination and figure out where are the happening places.  Maybe you can be in the midst of it, or you can be close to it. Second, make sure you have a legitimate understanding of the amount of spending money you may need; not everything is as cheap as it seems!. Lastly, make sure you are being logical! Don’t pick the 5 star Marriott when you know your pockets are for 3-star hotels! (Just Saying!)

I’m pretty sure by this time you have a hotel in mind. Do not hesitate to look up reviews on these places. Now, true, not every review is accurate, but nothing is! So, choose wisely and take some of the reviews into consideration.

STEP 4: Map it!
Make sure your hotel isn’t too far off from your budget, but most importantly from civilization.  Everyone has a deal! You just have to find it! Not every deal is a good one,  but every deal isn't bad either. So, a hotel two blocks away from Bourbon Street in New Orleans (depending on cost and amenities) can actually be better than those in the heart of the French Quarter! Hey, some even work out cheaper

Now, granted.Some of these pointers can be deemed as “common sense.” But, like my mother always say “sense is not so common!”. You can always find a way to plan a decent trip that is affordable, and if it is too hard, then hey!! Call a travel agency.